Sunday in Shiplake

Sunday was another low-key day (we’re like that).  Our friends the Davies’ were so kind to host us for Sunday lunch.  Caroline is a fabulous cook and we had roast lamb and all the trimmings – including two desserts!  Margie got to experience a traditional English Sunday roast.  After lunch we visited, then watched the end of the NY marathon and then the karaoke came out.  Margie, as the first time guest, had to go first…she wasn’t so sure she would have accepted the lunch invitation had she known she had to sing, but she had fun!  We made for a boisterous bunch, so much so that John seemed extra tired when we went home.



Then we went to church at the Binfield Heath chapel.  Everyone was so excited to get to meet John, who looked especially handsome in his new church and Christmas outfit.  Such a little man.  We got a picture with Margery, who made John a blanket back before he was born.



One response to “Sunday in Shiplake

  1. Margie looks really dapper in her suit and hat. She reminds me of my gran who came from a generation that always wore a hat when outdoors.

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