John’s first trip to London

Thursday Margie, John and I went in to London.  John took his very first train ride!


John was a champ on the train, and we got him a Paddington Bear at the station.  


As soon as Margie put him in the Baby Bjorn he was asleep on the tube.


We headed to Westminster.  John was not so impressed.


Our destination was Westminster Abbey.  Margie had always wanted to see it, but was thwarted on her previous two trips to London as it was closed.  Third time a charm?  Nope, but we saw Prince Philip.  Margie seemed unimpressed, and annoyed it wasn’t the queen.  This was the first legitimate royal celebrity I’ve seen in my two years here so I think she should just be thankful.


Since Prince Philip apparently needs ALL of Westminster to his bad self, it wasn’t open until 1pm, so we headed up to do a little shopping on Bond street. 


We had lunch at a little pub.


We then headed back and got into Westminster on Margie’s fourth attempt in the last 8 years.  John promptly fell asleep shortly after we got inside, and gave us plenty of time to take in as much as we could handle.  The history is so thick there you can only take a bit of it in at a time.  Worth going back again someday I’m sure.


So, with our celebrity gawking, shopping and history intake complete we headed home, tired but happy.


John was a CHAMP all day, and really all week.  He slept through the nights and was good during the day.  He was maybe fussy on Tuesday, but after giving him a day of playtime on Wednesday he was right back in top form.  I hope my little boy is as good and fun as John.

PS:  Monday and Tuesday were spent in Wales, where I didn’t take very many pictures.  Margie’s blog post about that is here.  Wednesday I gave Margie the day off.  She took the train to Oxford and John and I stayed home and played.  He needed time to roam free on the floor.  The little man needs to keep his crawling skills fresh.


2 responses to “John’s first trip to London

  1. I think that it’s my two nieces who are the CHAMPS! It looks like you both stayed a jump ahead of John for the whole week which sounded and looked like loads of fun. What special memories!!!
    Love…B (You both look wonderful (Steve and John, too) and thanks for all the pictures and narration!!!)

  2. I was unimpressed due to my ignorance of the royal family tree. I thought Prince Philip was a cousin of Prince Charles. It wasn’t until Lowell mentioned last night how old he looked that I thought to look him up. Come to find out he’s Mr. Queen of England. Way more exciting than I thought.

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