Switzerland II: Liechtenstein

One of the benefits of having a train pass is that you tend to go places that are sort of on the way just because you can.

The second full day of our trip started in Appenzell and ended in Luzern.  We took the long way, to make a short stop in Liechtenstein, just to see what all the fuss was about.  We took three trains and two buses to get to the centre of Liechtenstein.  Since we were on the bus going past the ‘Welcome to Liechtenstein’ sign we posed for a photo in front of the Tourist Information kiosk to prove we were here.


The castle up on top of the hill.  The royal family lives there, and you can tour a bit, but it takes a long time to get up there so we skipped.


There was an interesting little postal museum.  The post is very important in Liechtenstein.  The museum was quite interesting to look at for a half hour break or so.  The post is an amazingly large percentage of the GDP of the country.  We did our bit and mailed one postcard to my Grandma Johnson.


Steve had to sample the local beer – which had an awesome slogan: “One Land, One Beer.”  Liechtenstein isn’t really big enough for more than one beer, actually.


I got some yummy french fries.


After an hour or so we ran out of things to do so we caught the bus out of town to the train station just across the border back in Switzerland.


Our plan was to take two more trains to Luzern, but a train accident closed the track, so we had to re- route, and it took 3 trains instead.

Total for the day.  6 trains and 3 bus rides.


One response to “Switzerland II: Liechtenstein

  1. Liechtenstein was the inspirational backdrop to an outstanding Peter Sellers film based on a series of books about ‘Grand Fenwick’

    Well worth a rainy Sunday afternoon’s viewing…

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