Switzerland IV – Paul Klee

After the morning at the Transport Museum, I explored Luzern while Sarah got about some important shopping. The Rosengart Collection featuring Paul Klee (and Pablo Picaso) was my main stop. No, not that Paul Klee; the Swiss painter Paul Klee. I had never known anything about him before this trip, but Rick Steves gave him high praise so I decided to have a go. I was shocked. As a child I enjoyed color gradients and placing sections of similar colors next to each other. So did Paul Klee. I fancied assymetry. So did Paul Klee. I liked disembodied figures. So did Paul Klee. Paul Klee painted what I would have painted if I had artistic talent, but he did it half a century before I was born. Amazing!

Here is Paul Klee’s Head of Man, Going Senile from 1922.

Here is my computer-generated Hi Vern from 1991. I think the similarity to Klee’s Head of Man is obvious. Don’t you?


4 responses to “Switzerland IV – Paul Klee

  1. Sweet! Is “Hi Vern” Windows 3.0 Paintbrush art? :-)

  2. The Schrockinator

    Hmmm, I think it was done in Paint Shop Pro.

  3. Steve, we now know why you don’t get to guest post very often. You will have much to teach young Raul.

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