Switzerland V – Luzern city

Since the Transport Museum was so awesome it got its own post – here is the rest of the skinny on Luzern.

Our hotel had a great location right on the river.  (but I don’t think I’d recommend the hotel…) 


 The river is lovely, we ate at a restaurant right along it on our first evening in town.

On our afternoon in Luzern we split up.   As you read Steve hit up the Paul Klee museum.  I wanted to do some shopping, and as this was our only planned city stop this seemed like the right place.  But, alas, everything in Switzerland is mega-expensive and not really any different from what you can get in England – and since I wasn’t in the market for a pocket knife or expensive watch it was mostly window shopping then back to the hotel for a nap.

Then he visited the medieval city wall and towers, still partially encircling the centre of the city…


We walked over to see the lion that everyone talks about before getting dinner.  The lion is actually quite beautiful and moving, probably hard to enjoy when there are hordes of tourists, but worth a quick stop if you’re in the neighborhood.


Overall Luzern is a nice small city, but I don’t think it really represents what is so uniquely enjoyable about Switzerland.  I’d recommend spending one day there – focusing on the Transport museum and then moving along.


4 responses to “Switzerland V – Luzern city

  1. Besides the Lion, the swiss seem to be especially proud about the paintings in the foot bridges which span the river…..

  2. The lion was where Robbie had planned to propose, until finding out that we were going to Lausanne and not Lucerne, which while sounding alike are not the same city…

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