Visit from Justin

We were lucky to have a short visit from Justin last night.  He was travelling in Europe on business and was able to swing through our neck of the woods for the weekend.  Justin is one of my oldest friends, we met in second grade and went to school together all the way through university.  Conveniently he married Sarah, my very best friend from growing up.  (yes, my best friend and I had the same name)  She is also expecting a baby so wasn’t able to join Justin this trip – we were all sad that she couldn’t be here (Sarah probably saddest of all). 

He got a cab from Heathrow to our place – which he enjoyed as he had a talkative taxi driver who was, like Justin, a keen Chicago Bears fan.  Also, winter clothing was a hot topic of conversation, as the taxi driver was very interested if jumpers (sweaters) were thicker in Illinois than they are here in England.

We went out for dinner at our village pub where we had good food and the guys had good pints.  We got home after final call, and watched the Illinois-Clemson game that we hadn’t got to see yet.  Justin gave us the play by play that Sarah had sent via text during the game – which added quite a bit of excitement.  It was almost like she was here:-)  It was great to get to watch an Illinois game with a fellow fan.


This morning, after breakfast, we took a walk along the river.  Justin was wishing his dog Joey could have been there too, as it is dog heaven in the open fields along the river.  We walked up to Shiplake Church, which dates back as far as the 12th century.

We put Justin on the train into London shortly before noon and he is hopefully having a great sightseeing day in the city.

Thanks for making the effort to come out to Shiplake, Justin.  Hope you and Sarah (and the baby) get to come again soon!


3 responses to “Visit from Justin

  1. I like Justin’s highwaters, designed to keep is jeans clean. Classy.

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