Switzerland VI – The William Tell Express

This was the first of 4 scenic train journeys we took in Switzerland.  All the trains we took in Switzerland were scenic to some extent, but these are four of the maybe dozen or so marketed to tourists as particularly scenic.  The William Tell Express goes from Luzern to Lugano.  It starts with a boat ride across Lake Lucerne, then you transfer to a train to complete your journey.  The boat is uber relaxing – beautiful scenery.  Many stops at villages to let passengers on and off.  (Bauen looked especially great as a sleepy village to rest, relax and hike.) The train ride is not very scenic to be honest, and the train is unimpressive by Swiss standards.  But, you do get to go through the famous Gotthard tunnel, one of the longest tunnels in the world.  (our friend Bob from chapel has told us stories about going through the tunnel into Switzerland when he was in the Army shortly after the WWII armistice)

Let’s take you on a little photo journey of the day…

Leaving Luzern…




Amazing cloud formations.

This was a fabulous station at one of the many stops on the lake.

The boat was a cool old steamer (click on photo for a couple more boat shots if you’re a boat geek)

Enjoying the peace and quite of the boat after the school kids got off at Rutli, the ‘birthplace’ of Switzerland where the Swiss Confederation was formed when the original 3 cantons joined forces against the nasty Hapsburgs.

The boat.

An ugly statue – but love the metaphor for stuff falling out of my brain…how I have felt more times than usual during my pregnancy…

Two photos of the three passes we made by the Wassen church that the train famously passes three times on its winding climb up to the tunnel.  In the second photo see if you can spot the track we had been on previously. 


And you can compare the view to the model that we saw at the transport museum…
…click to see full size image and pointer to the chapel.

3 responses to “Switzerland VI – The William Tell Express

  1. Judging by these pictures I’d say the Swiss have it pretty good. Plus, their flag makes a great t-shirt.

  2. I swear I have those exact same photos, but mine are on a boat leaving Interlaken. The boat geek comment was directed at any particular family member was it???

  3. This boat was vastly superior to the one we rode on Lake Geneva — that picture will make it up eventually when we get to the end of the trip.

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