Switzerland IX – Pontresina and St Moritz

When we were trying to book our hotel in Pontresina I was having a really tough time communicating with the hotel via e-mail and Steve had little luck on the phone.  He had his manager at work, a native German, call the hotel to make the reservation for us.  He was successful, but said ‘boy, they speak wierd German.’ 

We later figured out that Pontresina is squarely in the Romansh region of Switzerland.  The Romansh language can best be described as a mix of Latin and French.  Pontresina is a small village, so there were very few English speakers.  Some people spoke some German, so we used that some (like when we checked in at the hotel).  Our second night we were clumsily using our German at dinner, and I was mixing English with German, and after a couple of minutes the waitress said in very good English ‘you speak English?’  Ends up she was Czech, and came to the region to work.  It was nice to get to speak English for a while.

Anyway, enough language geek out.  We stayed two nights in Pontresina, which is just a few miles from the very posh resort village of St Moritz.  On our day in Pontresina we took a leisurely walk across fields, through forests and around a lake to St Moritz.  The walk was lovely.




One chilled out, but at the same time really mean looking bull.

St Moritz reminded us of Whistler.  I guess big fancy ski resorts are all sort of the same.  


We had lunch and coffee at a nice cafe, then headed down to catch the train for the five-minute ride back to Pontresina.  At the train station we decided we had done it all wrong…we should have had one of these to pick us up.


That gave us the afternoon to lay low, Steve took a nap but I decided to take a walk up to the interesting looking church on the hill above town.   The chruchyard had a wonderful wall with niches, where they had placed benches.  In the winter there is skiing on this hill and I am sure these benches provide rest to many a weary skier.



2 responses to “Switzerland IX – Pontresina and St Moritz

  1. Ah, benches, the best part of any tour.

  2. I do so love Graveyards. That the Swisss have managed to blend, with care, this special place with everyday needs, is wonderful. Somehow obvious and yet obscure (think of Nuseums with no seating for a ‘break’). This place has a magical quality about it. Thanks for sharing the photographs…..

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