Germany day I – Munich

After our crazy Saturday of re-booking our trip we were all too happy to catch a crazy early flight to Munich.

Our coach to Europe (note: not a train)

We checked into our hotel by noon.  We were lucky to be able to easily book a hotel as Christmas is a slow time for hotels.  We stayed at the Hotel Monaco – which was lovely and an excellent value.  Especially with the free wi-fi!  The location, just a couple blocks from the station was so convenient for a quick trip. 

After dropping our things we headed out to find a good lunch.  We ate at Weisses Brauhaus, where Steve had his first pork knuckle and I had my first spatzle.  (we were both very happy)  Unless you are dead set on visiting the Hofbrauhaus, we would recommend this place over that for a more low-key, somewhat less touristy experience.  (most people we talk with have the same dominant memory of the Hof – the Asian tour groups!)


In the afternoon we took the S-bahn then had a nice walk to the Bavarian National Museum.  (which I’ll cover in its own post tomorrow)  We walked through the Hofgarten.  Gorgeous on a clear snowy day.

Yikes…some objects (people) in this photo are not as large as they may appear…

Right before we got to the museum I saw what will probably be the most unusual photo-op of the trip.


As we approached this bridge we saw people gathered watching over the side.  I thought ‘No!  This can’t be that surfing spot that I saw on the travel show a few years back.’  Yep, these nutcases were surfing in central Munich on a zub-zero day with ice on the banks…

After the museum we caught a catnap before meeting our friends Alan and Megan for dinner.

Steve and Alan are co-workers, and we’ve gotten to know Alan and Megan in London as they moved there shortly before we did.  (and more so now that Megan is expecting a baby just a few weeks after me)  They were here with Alan’s parents, and they had just as much trouble getting to Germany from London as we did.  Their flight got cancelled because of the snow we had in London on Friday so they didn’t arrive until Saturday evening.

We went to Spatenhaus (just opposite the Opera house) for dinner, on the recommendation of another of Steve and Alan’s co-workers and it was fabulous.  Steve had the most wonderful veal goulash.  I have never had veal so tender.  It was nice to get to go out with friends – a nice bonus considering we weren’t planning on being anywhere near Munich.


When we emerged from dinner the snow was really coming down, and the walk back to the S-bahn was beautiful.  I love how quiet even a large city becomes with a blanket of fresh snow.


2 responses to “Germany day I – Munich

  1. I’m enjoying your commentary and the pictures.

  2. Quit hiding babies under your coat while running around and objects will return to appearing their normal size!


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