Germany Day III – Nuremberg Christmas Markets

By our third day of the trip my legs were seriously aching.  (I think I bruised my left heel, then spent the rest of the trip walking funny to compensate.  Please don’t blame the shoes.  They are the same boots I wore in Rome and we did WAY more walking there.  I blame the fact that I’m a wee bit heavier with baby on board)  Anyway – any ambitious plans were out.  A theme for the trip and probably for future trips with the little one.

We spent a good bit of time at the Christmas market – sampling some more food.


We headed up a few blocks to Lorenzkirche to have a look around.  They were holding an organ concert at 12:30 which was beautiful.  Steve and I are both suckers for organ music.  This one had a particular ‘tinkling bell’ device that they used at the end of one of the songs.  When the device was used you saw a rotating star up on the organ case.  When the ‘tinkling bells’ stopped the star stopped.  Pretty cool.

After the market Steve headed off across town to take in a museum. The Germanic National Museum had quite a few interesting things including ancient bits of churches, paintings, and musical instruments. All good, but nothing particularly sticks out in his memory.

I did a little bit of shopping for Steve’s birthday and christmas presents then headed back to the hotel for a rest.

Dinner was at a great little wine cellar – literally a ‘hole in the wall.’


As for our Nuremberg hotel recommendation: we stayed at the Hotel Lucas

  • Fabulous location within walking distance of the train station and between the main shopping district and the old city square where the Christmas market was held.
  • Our room (304) was very large – would be excellent with a baby as you could let the baby sleep in its pram in the entryway.
  • The rooms on the back of the hotel would have really lovely views over the river, and would also be quieter. (but maybe not as big)
  • They served a very nice breakfast in their busy cafe downstairs. A very nice change from the usual quiet B&B breakfast room with lots of local action and people watching. The food was very well done.
  • A downside is that the hotel didn’t have a lift – so not great with a stroller or a heavy bag.
  • Overall excellent value in the €90 price range.

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