Visit from Eric

For the fourth time in the last year (2 & 3) we received a visit from an old friend who was in London on business.

Eric and Steve have known each other since they were wee lads, as their families attended the same church.  Eric also worked at the same bank Steve and I did in high school.  The last summer we interned there was the first summer Eric interned there.  That was a fabulous summer.  There were at least half a dozen interns and we certainly had a lot of fun!

Eric arrived on Saturday evening after a day of sightseeing in London.  We took him up to the village pub for dinner before letting him get a good night’s sleep.  Sunday morning he came along to chapel – which I think he really enjoyed.  He got to meet Margery and Ted who told him about their history in the village.  Margery was overwhelmed by the number of tall men at chapel as with Steve and Eric, Jamie the visiting preacher and another Steve visiting ALL between 6′ 2″ and 6’5″ it was a lot for her to take in at 4’11.”


Steve made us a really nice lunch of sausage and mash and then Steve and Eric took a walk along the River and up to the village Church and the second of our two village pubs.

Almost exactly 24 hours after he arrived, we put Eric back on a train to London.  He will be working in the City this week  – then instead of going home to Chicago he’ll be going to India and then Cambodia! 

We were very honored to be the first stop on Eric’s around-the-world adventure!

We are always happy to have friends and family out to our village. Coming to England but only staying in London is like going to America and only going to Manhattan… If any of you find yourself in London this year let us know and let’s try to have you out to the country!

2 responses to “Visit from Eric

  1. Am I gettting my Eric’s mixed up or was Eric on WYSE with me? He’d be two years younger than I am?

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