Germany Day VIII – to Trier

Sunday we had a long train journey from Aachen, back through Koln, then on to Trier.  Our trip was originally supposed to start in Trier, but since we started in Munich we moved Trier to the end, a stop on the way to catch our flight out of Luxembourg.

The stretch from Koln to Trier was one of the most enjoyable train rides we’ve ever taken.  It was a stopping service running on a track through a lovely valley.  After leaving Koln the snow began to fall – and the valley was blanketed in a progressively deeper and deeper coating of snow.  Steve and I both tucked into our books and watched the scenery go by.




When we arrived in Trier it was snowing a miserable sort of sleety snow.  Not very Gemütlichkeit.

We somehow managed to muster enough motivation to go across town to the Archaeological Museum (Reinisches Landesmuseum).  It was really interesting.  This region has so much ancient history, and Trier was a hugely important Roman capital.  The museum covered this quite well.  (even if they did make me leave my purse in the cloak room because it was ‘too big’)


Our hotel was right at the Porta Negra (one of the original Roman gates to the city) and our room had a lovely view of it. 


The hotel was good, but not a great value compared to some of the other places we stayed.  The restaurant, though, we would enthusiastically recommend.  I had a final pork/mushroom/spatzel dish that was excellent and Steve had a meat extravaganza.  They served pork, beef, veal and rabbit at the table – probably two or three meals worth – even by American standards.  I sat there for quite a while watching him eat, and eat and eat…  His dish was served with some excellent garlic butter sautéed green beans which were really wonderful.

4 responses to “Germany Day VIII – to Trier

  1. Looks so cold, but very interesting. The Roman gate is relatively small, but well-preserved and interesting statues on top. Also like your red hat and sweater!

  2. I love reading your travel tales! Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to post them.

    I was surprised by the scale shown in the photo of you next to the copy of the cathedral spire. In my travels, I have always been impressed by the pervasiveness of what I consider to be expensive excesses in the name of the Lord. I wonder how many poor people could have been fed and clothed by all that was spent all over Europe (and the US) to create these big structures that are (or were) used once a week. Oops, sorry! I slipped into a sermonette there. I probably won’t receive an invitation to deliver it from a pulpit!

    BTW, how ’bout them bones? THAT’s why Brenda and I couldn’t find any old graves in the Swiss cemetaries! They must use those bones to portray historical figures in their church monuments…

  3. BTW, I agree that the pic of you in the red sweater is cute!

  4. Hi! Just heard the great news! Little Simon (love his name!) arrived today safe and sound and a little ahead of schedule! Congratulations to all of you… you will be wonderful parents, and we at the Kirk house are ALL very excited with you! Grandpa sent out a few pics… he is so cute, and we can’t wait to meet him! Hugs to you all! Take care and we will be watching for more pictures! :) With love, The Kirk crew

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