Simon Edward Schrock

Our little boy, Simon Edward Schrock, was born Friday 5-Feb-2010 at Oxford, UK.  He arrived at about 7pm weighing 7lbs and conservatively 19 inches long.


He came out wailing and as healthy as could be.  He has been doing great these first 48 hours.  Mum is also doing really well.  We’re settling in at home and just enjoying getting to know our new little man.

Birth story:

I felt the first contractions between 5 and 7pm Thursday night.  I got the burst of energy everyone talks about – which was used to make a big pot of beef stew.  We got about 90 minutes of sleep during a break in contractions around 2am and laboured at home until 9am Friday morning.  We headed to the Wallingford maternity unit where we laboured during the day and started pushing about 4pm.  Unfortunately, Simon had poo’d in utero, which is a sign of distress.  After an hour of pushing I had a first class, one-way express ticket to the John Radcliffe hospital, Oxford.  (there is a great video of that…)  Simon needed a bit of help and arrived after a couple of tugs with vontouse (suction).  Simon and I stayed the night at Oxford and were discharged by 10am Saturday morning to head back to Wallingford, where the midwives took amazing care of us, giving mum a full night’s sleep and getting us on the right  track with feeding.  We headed home about 4pm Sunday afternoon.

(This is the Cliff Notes version of the birth story.  I’ll be posting more about our trip up to Oxford and our excellent experience at Wallingford.  If you’re interested in all the gory detail let me know, and after I get it written up I’ll be happy to share via e-mail privately.)


29 responses to “Simon Edward Schrock

  1. Yep! Those cute, chubby cheeks look very familiar! They invite lots of kisses! We are looking forward to the extended version of the story.


  3. Beautiful little man!!! So excited for you guys!! Your birth story sounds way too calm in writing-I can’t imagine a ride to another hospital in the midst of pushing!!! Please tell me the labor slowed down for you while you made that trip!! It sounds like you handled it incredibly well, and I guess that means that life has already become “unpredictable” ;0) Wish we could stop by and bring you guys dinner, but know that our love and prayers are headed your way….and keep the pictures and blog updates going!! Can’t wait to hear more!!

  4. Congrats! He is quite handsome! Can’t wait to meet him. And…. Yes…. i do want the gory details!

  5. Cheryl Wuthrich

    So happy for you all. Can’t wait to meet Simon Edward. Love the name. He is a doll.
    I want all the gory details!!!


  6. Love that blanket. John snuggled up in one just like it. John is three weeks old in his picture…

    Love the pictures. Glad you guys are doing well.

  7. WOW!! Simon is perfect. And I echo Jennifer, you sound awfully calm for being rushed off to another hospital while pushing! It’s such an amazing thing to one day be pregnant, and the next day have your little guy out and in your arms….. We’ll be praying for you guys!! …and like Jennifer, wish we could drop dinner off for you this week! :)

  8. Wonderful name… and born in Oxford, the boy has impecable credentials already! Great start

  9. Sarah, we couldn’t be happier for you and Steve. We love the name Simon. And I’m only a little jealous that Simon was born in Oxford when I had to settle for Lansing.

    We can’t wait to see more pictures and meet him in person someday. May God be your strength in these sweet days of (sleepless) parenthood.

    – Kyle and Erica Sprecher

  10. Many congrats from your home state of Illinois! What an exciting adventure to tell little Simon about when he gets older!

    –Brad and Suzanne Ross, EM friends of Robbie and Margie

  11. So cute Sarah! Congratulations to you both and great to hear it’s all going so well.

  12. Now there’s a “bonny baby”! And a smashing name too.

    Many congratulations from Sam and I to you and Steve (and Simon…)

  13. What a beautiful baby boy! We are so thrilled everyone’s prayers are answered. We can’t wait to meet him .

  14. Congratulations to you both! What an incredible story of delivery. I am glad you are all doing well!!

  15. It’s good to know that Simon Edward is “in the house” now and already taking over the blog. I took the day off from work too to celebrate his birth.

  16. Jen and Aaron Schilpp

    We’re soooo very excited to hear the news of Simon’s arrival! God’s blessings on your new little family! Sending warmest wishes from our family to yours! =)

  17. hi there Sarah,
    Many congratualtions – he’s a real cutey too. Enjoy every minute (even the noisy ones). Everything is going smoothly for you by the sounds of things which is great to hear. My very best wishes to you all. xx

  18. Claire Winn-Pace

    Simon is gorgeous! Congratulations you guys, you must be very proud !

  19. Congratulations Steve and Sarah!
    He is so sweet!
    I’m so glad and relieved you are all well.
    We were praying for you during your pregnancy.
    Can’t wait to hold him!

  20. caroline davies

    We are all so happy for you all, congratulations Sarah and Steve on your beautiful son!

    Caitlin reckons he looks a lot like Steve – just not as tall..!

    Love from all the Davies x

  21. Congratulations again! I was watching your blog for more pictures!! He is so sweet.. and those cheeks do invite lots and lots of kisses

  22. With hugs and God’s blessings to you all!! Take care and enjoy this wonderful time together!

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  24. Sarah and Steve he is wonderful. We are very happy for you, congratulations! By the way, I love the name Simon. What a good fit.

  25. He is so beautiful. Would love to hear the full version sometime. We are so happy for the three of you! God bless your beautiful family!

  26. He is so adorable!! I am so glad everything went well and you are both healthy! Can’t wait to see more pictures. Such a cute name!

  27. Happy Birthday Mum

  28. Congratulations to you all.

    Sounds like a very exciting time and I’m glad all worked out well.

    From discussions with you during The Money Secret, I assume Simon will be starting his 401K plan shortly ;-)

  29. The Schrockinator

    Yes, as soon as we can we will be setting up his 529 College Savings Plan. :)

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