Getting to know Simon.

We’re loving our little Simon!  He is a great eater and a great sleeper.  In fact the only thing that he’s not great at is being awake and happy.  He either falls asleep or roots to eat.  He is such a good rooter that he found Steve’s nipple through his shirt and undershirt.  Now Steve understands why breastfeeding hurts a bit!  He has already regained his birthweight (probably on  day 6) and his little hands are filling out.

He has easily taken to a schedule which means our life has some degree of predictability (for the meantime).  We’ve already had two outings…both of which he slept completely through…to register at the register office on Tuesday, and to a pub dinner for my birthday on Thursday.  It was great to get out and celebrate my birthday with my two favorite guys. 

Here are a few pictures…lots more on my Flickr feed.

Day 2: Heading home from the hospital under Grandma Beckie’s blanket and in Auntie Gwen’s jumper (sweater).  He is well outfitted for the cold!

Day 3:  Catching some north facing rays in the bathroom.

Day 3: A yawn (or maybe a sneeze)

Day 4:  Cuddles with daddy.

Day 5:  Skype video calls with Grandmas and Grandpas, Aunts and Uncles.  (we chat with someone almost every day)

Day 6:  Ready to take mummy out to her birthday dinner.

2 responses to “Getting to know Simon.

  1. Hello the three Ss,
    I just went through your blog and I wanted to say congratulations to both of you and welcome to the world to baby Simon, he looks adorable! Funny to see that we have same car seat and moses basket! I hope to catch up with you soon and the other guys from the NCT group. I ahve posted some pictures of baby Samuel on my facebook account.


  2. We just LOVE that little fella. He is just a doll!! Can’t wait to hold him in person. But, in the meantime we are sooo thankful for photos. Can’t get into the videos, though. Will call Susie & see if she can help us out.
    Love & Kisses, Grandma L.

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