Our poppet.

Sorry for the posting lag – hard to get computer time with both hands free these days…

First a photo from yesterday.

Simon is definitely starting to show his personality.  He is a pretty intense and determined little guy.  When he is sleepy he is a great sleeper.  When he is hungry he wants to eat NOW.  That has caused us a few issues in the feeding department – as he is such an aggressive little suckler that he has done quite a bit of damage to mummy.  Luckily I’ve had access to some great feeding support – and we are going in each morning now to get help from the midwives at the drop in clinic.  We need to learn to get him latched on in the nanosecond of opportunity between a nice open mouth and a ferocious clamping machine:-)  I’ve been pumping and Steve is feeding via bottle until I get healed up enough to feed directly.

He is really healthy – his input/output is great and he is gaining weight like a champ.  The midwives all say he is a big strong boy.  He’s gained 7oz in the last week.

I’ll try to queue up some posts showing what we’ve been up to since he’s arrived.  Short on international excitement – but long on sweet photos.

Tomorrow we trek into London at ridiculous o’clock for a 9am appointment at the Embassy at Grovensor Square.  Wish us luck!

* Several of the more experienced  midwives have been calling him ‘poppet.’  We had to look it up, but it is an old English word for ‘puppet.’  It is very sweet.


6 responses to “Our poppet.

  1. He is an awfully cute little guy!

  2. According to wikipedia the ‘puppet’ term comes from middle english word pupet meaning small child… ….full circle http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poppet
    It’s also the name of a type of press-stud fastener so I’ve always thought of it as meaning something like ‘cute as a button’ but I’ve no idea where that phrase comes from…

  3. John was like that. He went from zero to ravenous in an instant. Several mom friends of ours have commented that when their kids get hungry, they get some warning. With John it was sweet baby to tortured soul in an instant.

  4. I’m looking forward to spending lots of time on my visit cuddling our little Simon.
    Grandma Beckie

  5. Oh, Sara…I know how that is when you are “healing”! I hope it goes quickly for you and you can get back to the ease of nursing (or how it should be!) I’m not sure it is true for everyone, but I had a very hard time with Clara for months, but when the second one came around, it was a breeze-no pain at all!! Hopefully that will hold true ;) Simon is adorable, and I will be looking forward to more pictures! Don’t ever feel like you are posting too many…you can’t-we LOVE to see the sweet pics!!!!

  6. I’m changing my mind about Simon looking like Caleb. I think I agree with the doctor – he looks like your family, Sarah! He is absolutely adorable, and I’m sure your mom will have so much fun with him!

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