One Month

Today is Simon’s one month birthday.  Time really does fly.


The little man is growing like a weed.  He was up 11oz last week.  He is still taking pumped milk from mama from a bottle – almost a quart a day!  I still want to make one more attempt to get him feeding directly from me – but not so sure it will work.  I got so injured the first time I have a hard time letting him try again.

He is a champion sleeper!  The last 7 nights he has been up only once a night – somewhere between 3:30am and 5:00am for a feed and it is stretching further back all the time.  We may get through the night to 7am here some night very soon.  We are so thankful for our good sleeper.  We prayed for a good sleeper for 9 months and God does answer prayer! :-)  We feed him every three hours during the day – we do wake him up if we need to – but now he is usually up and squawking for his dinner right about at the 2:45 mark.

He likes to be home and in a calm environment – days when we go out to run errands you can tell a real difference in how he handles.  He gets overstimulated and then is sort of wound up the rest of the day. 

Grandma Beckie is here for two weeks and it is great having all her help.  She has taken over bottle duty from Steve – I almost never give a feed.  I suppose there will be many months for that later.

We have had some time to get out for some fun since Grandma has been here…

To the butcher shop…

To town shopping…

And a lot of time to be cozy at home and get lots of cuddles…

Reading with Grandma…

All this fun tires the little man out…

11 responses to “One Month

  1. He is absolutely adorable. Our efforts to get Alice to sleep through the night were set back by medical issues – glad to see that little Simon is sleeping great!

  2. Looks like you are having lots of fun. John was a great night sleeper on breast milk and we struggled more on formula. The kid just eats a lot!

  3. jennifer nance

    Sara, you truly are the “baby whisperer” :) I am so glad that most everything is going so well. Having the adult conversation around from grandma for a couple weeks will be nice too!! I hope you have a better experience with the feeding when you try again….hopefully you’ve healed (physically and emotionally!!) So fun to see the new pictures of your growing boy!!

  4. Michelle Temp

    Sarah, he is so adorable!!! I am so glad things are going so smoothly… especially the sleeping part! I think that is one of the most essential pieces of sanity! Enjoy all your moments of newest little joy!

  5. I am so glad everything is going so well!!

  6. I am so glad everything is going so well!! He is so precious! ….and how awesome that he is such a good sleeper (it sounds like you’ve worked at it a little too with keeping him on a schedule – so good job to you as well!!). I hope the nursing works better on round two! I was terrified of nursing Hudson because when Jacob stopped nursing it was because he was biting me – I guess I thought Hudson would come out of the womb with teeth! ;)

  7. That is such a great picture of Simon and your mom! And the photo of the butcher’s shop makes me hungry for bangers and mash!!!

  8. Simon is so cute! How precious!! I know your time is precious… but thanks for the picture update! Hang in there with the nursing… I remember those times (Yikes!) but it will get better if you’re interested in continuing! :) Esp love that picture of reading with Grandma Beckie! How sweet is that?? Take care and give him some big hugs and snuggles for us! Love you all! Nan

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