First pub walk

We took Simon on his first pub walk this past Sunday afternoon.  The weather was fine, so we walked from the house up the river to the college, past the church and to the Plowden Arms.   This is hopefully the first of many family walks.  We’re already thinking about getting a backpack for when he outgrows the Baby Bjorn.

Simon had a cozy ride with dad in the Baby Bjorn wearing his warm fleece sleeper from Aunt Margie.

Our destination – the Plowden Arms.

What’ll it be? … milk please

On the way home…


9 responses to “First pub walk

  1. jennifer nance

    When he gets a bit older, he will be having his first “pub crawl” ;) Cute pictures and fun that you guys are getting out and about with the little guy! I so wish we could meet him in person and we could all pay Sarah back for the many times she rocked our infants!!!

  2. Did Simon have a pint or a half pint? I was a little sad to see Simon in his fuzzy monkey pajamas. Those were one of my favorites on John and I just packed them away yesterday in John’s box. I’m trying to keep just a few outfits since I figure there is just a 50/50 shot that a future child will also be a boy, but that outfit definitely made the cut.

  3. Do you take a photographer along on your walks or did you ask a cow to take the family photo?

  4. Simon having a bottle of the house white.

  5. I remember seeing pictures of John in those jammies! Simon is getting big, look how long he is stretched out in the Bjorn!

  6. He looks so snuggly!!! Love the hat!

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