Saturday we took the 40 minute drive up to Oxford for a day’s excursion.  Oxford is where Simon made his way into the world – so we decided it was worth another visit to see more of the city.

My dad pushing the stroller – a lovely bit of sunshine.

Inside the hall at Christ Church College.  Meals are served here and the walls are lined with portraits of famous graduates.  Apparently scenes from Harry Potter were filmed here, but I’ve never seen the movie so I wasn’t that impressed with that bit.

Outside at the college.  Mom of the year here using a burp rag to keep the rain off the boy.

We stopped at a hotel for tea and Simon’s bottle after the tour of the college.  Hooray!  A decent photo of all three of us.  (well, at least the back of Simon’s head) 

Simon sleeping on the way home.  What a sweetie.


One response to “Oxford

  1. Looks like the tour of Oxford wore the little guy out. He’s probably remembering how exhausted he was the first time he was in Oxford. I’m looking forward to visiting there sometime.
    Grandma D.

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