Rest of Grandpa’s visit.

Simon and I just took grandpa to the airport today, and he is on his way back to Illinois.  We had a really nice, low-key visit with lots of time for cuddles and playing with Grandpa.

Easter Monday we stayed around the house – got a couple of projects done and I cooked a stew.  Just took it easy.

On Tuesday it was back to work for Steve, and Simon had his first immunizations (jabs) in the morning.  He took them like a champ with only a few seconds of screaming.  He was extra sleepy the rest of the day and was running a bit of a temperature.  But, he was agreeable enough for a short trip into Henley town for lunch and some shopping.  Grandpa had a lot of orders for Chocolate for friends and family back in the States, and bought about 10 pounds at Waitrose.  I didn’t take any pictures in Henley, but my dad did so I’ll get those later.

Tuesday night after Simon’s bottle, we went up to the Bottle and Glass pub for a dinner out (the only one grandpa got this trip).  It was nice and we had a warm room all to ourselves.  Simon was, as always, a great little boy and let us eat our dinner.  He sat in his seat the whole time – talking up a storm with us.


Wednesday Simon had one last play time with Grandpa after his morning bottle then we took Grandpa to Heathrow.  Grandpa knows Grandma Beckie and Great-Grandma Johnson love Daffodils so he wanted to stop up at the top of the road for a few pictures.



Thanks for coming to see us Grandpa!  We’ll see you again in June.


2 responses to “Rest of Grandpa’s visit.

  1. Love the pictures! Simon doesn’t seem to be impressed by the beautiful flowers. We’ll look forward to your visit in June. Keep the photos and blog posts coming. . .
    Grandma Beckie

  2. How precious… definitely suitable for framing! How fun to see Simon with your Mom and Dad in your blog! Looking forward to meeting him in person soon!

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