The Jonah window and Simon’s friends

In honor of our friends’ new little baby, Jonah, here is a shot of the Jonah window at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford (where we visited the week after Jonah’s birth).

(apologies for the mediocre photo – didn’t have my DSLR on me)

The window shows Jonah on the left, gazing at the city of Ninevah. The window dates from the 1630s. Interestingly, only the figure of Jonah is stained glass, the rest is painted glass.

Simon has been lucky to be getting a lot of new little friends.  Over the course of 8 days a couple of weeks ago he had a friend born to our good friends in London, in Chicago and in Florida.  The same month Simon was born he gained at least 2 in Illinois, at least two in Seattle and on the very same day as Simon Steve’s neighbour at work had a new boy.  Steve’s team at work is having quite the baby boom – 8 men have wives expecting (or babies already born) this year.  8/31 for a cool 26% is pretty amazing – considering of that 31 some are single and some have completed their families.


One response to “The Jonah window and Simon’s friends

  1. jennifer nance

    It’s so nice to have others at a similar stage in life to relate to the joys and frustrations!!! I hope the evening feed settles itself quickly for you so your evenings can be peaceful again!! Cute, cute little boy!! And you look AMAZING already!!!

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