Simon’s first two pub walk.

Saturday was absolutely perfect here.  Sunny and about 65F.  We took Simon on his first two-pub walk (start at one pub, walk to another, and return).  We headed up to the beautiful Hambleden Valley and started at the Stag and Huntsman, where we had a nice lunch and gave Simon his bottle.


After lunch (for all three of us) we got all set for the walk – Simon in his new sun hat – essential for keeping the sun off of his bald little head.

His little legs sticking out of the Baby Bjorn is the only evidence of a real baby being on board.


The Hambleden Valley is a beautiful place for a walk and the day could not have been any more perfect.

The Hambleden lock is a little over half way between the pubs.  There were a good number of boats out for the first time this year.

A passerby kindly took a photo of all three of us – one of the few we have so far.

We got the boy out of the Baby Bjorn at the Flower Pot pub at Aston so he could have a good stretch and wake up for a bit.


3 responses to “Simon’s first two pub walk.

  1. That looks like a great afternoon! One of my classmates will be at the University of Southampton in the Fall and he is definitely looking forward to the pub scene.

  2. Simon I wear a hat to protect my fair head also. I get nothing but grief for it. I bet you enjoyed your trek.

  3. jennifer nance

    So fun!! What a wonderful time to have a baby when you can get outside and walk in the sunshine!!! This time next year, he will probably be running alongside you :)

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