Germany Day IX – Trier to Luxembourg to Home

(saw this post hanging out in my drafts – didn’t publish before Simon came)

The last day of our Germany trip was, again, wet, cold and gray.

We visited the Dom at Trier.  I always enjoy visiting uncrowded churches, and this one was very nice.


Seve visited the Baths. Trier already had the second largest baths in the Roman world but when local-boy Constantine became emporer, they needed to build the largest baths in the Roman world. They were amazingly huge, covering the area of several (non-metric) football fields. Many of the underground tunnels that were used to move smoke, steam, and water are open for exploring.


While Steve explored the baths I headed back to the hotel for a snack, but first I popped into a shop to buy a suitcase.  With our trip purchases we knew our suitcase would be overweight, so €25 spent on an extra carry-on bag would be less than dropping £30 on the overweight penalty – plus we’d have a new ‘meets current EU carry-on standards’ wheely bag.  Bonus. 

Note – I usually would plan at the beginning of the trip to optimize my packing for our carrier’s limits but this whole trip was supposed to be on Eurostar.  Remember?

We took an hour’s train journey to Luxembourg, where we had an hour or so to look around before heading to the airport.  The area around the main train station is not much to shake a stick at.  Steve and I were impressed at the huge number of young yob types (both male and female) and the HUGE percentage of people smoking.  Luxembourg is more like France than Germany for sure.

After catching the bus (an incredible value at only €3 for both of us) we drove up through the main center of town.  This looked like a much nicer area.  There appeared to be a main shopping district at ‘Royal.’  If you find yourself passing through Luxembourg with time to kill we’d recommend checking this area out instead of loitering around the station.

The bus ride took about a half hour – and there was a long string of business parks between the city centre and the airport.  Luxembourg is apparently a bit of a tax haven, so lots of multi-nationals have offices here.

Flying at 33 weeks is not easy.  That will be a separate blog entry.  But, we will say that Luxembourg has an excellent and efficient airport.  Small and no long queues, but if you arrive early they have a lovely cafeteria with nice views over the runway and tarmac.


The flight home was just an hour or so, but it was a strange one.  Usually on a flight home from being away I’m thinking through my to-do lists for the next few weeks, or planning the next trip.   This time I realized that it is time to get organized and ready for baby at home and that the next trip will be WITH the baby!

After landing we made our last trip through the Iris scanner (you can’t take children under 18 through) and then our bags were the first off the carousel.  Yay!

We had booked a cab to get home from Gatwick – the best £50 splurge (over the cost of the train) of the trip.  We were so tired, I caught up on my e-mail and web on my mobile phone and Steve fell asleep.

When we got home it was still icy from the previous week’s snow.  Welcome home.


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