To London to London

Today was Simon’s first trip into London!  We had to apply for his passport at the embassy – so Steve stayed home from work and we headed into town in the afternoon.  Since we were headed to the embassy, where camera weren’t allowed, I left my camera in the car and don’t have pictures from our time in central London – but we were on business – not much sightseeing – so you’re not missing much.  Steve did take a picture of us in the car park to record the occasion.


And I took a silly tourist photo because it must be done on one’s first trip to London. 

(imagine this photo was taken from the top of an open-top tourist bus)

After our business was done (I’ll post soon on the actual embassy business) we stopped to see our friends and their new baby.  Alan is Steve’s co-worker, and their baby was born almost exactly 8 weeks after Simon.  I knew I’d be shocked how much difference there would be between the boys – but I wasn’t prepared  to realize just now much Simon has grown!  He’s hardly a tiny baby anymore.  He is more of a thug.  A first side-by-side photo was required to mark the occasion. 


Then Simon and Jackson could commence the play date part of the day.  They had a blast.


Then Megan cooked us dinner.  It was fabulous pasta, but I am more than a little embarrassed that instead of us taking them dinner she cooked us dinner.  

Simon was a trooper all day – as usual.  He is so easy to take out and content to be toted about.  Now, with a passport we’ll be able to tote him all around the world!


4 responses to “To London to London

  1. Simon looks like a Cupie Doll in the sleeping photo! Adorable! I don’t think there is a bad picture of him yet. Can’t wait to hold him!!!

  2. Cutie. Looks like he was a bit easier to tote around London in the BB than John was. I was glad to leave it for you by the end of our day there! Love those socks.

    Mom and dad arrived safely, so I’ll leave the post up for them.

  3. I love the size comparison. It’s always a shocker. I took 3 months off from photography after my Simon was born and so he was 3 months old when I went to photograph a newborn. My Simon was 6.8 at birth and the baby I photographed was closer to 10 lbs and I was still shocked at how “giant” my baby was in comparison. I couldn’t get over how big my baby was and it had only been 3 months since I had photographed a newborn and I hold newborns all the time you would think I would be used to it. I am sure it will be the same this time around.

  4. The growing up sneaks up on you when you are around them every day.

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