Under quiet skies – another trip into London.

We are enjoying the quiet days here in the Chilterns.  Since Heathrow has been closed since Thursday due to the Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption, we don’t have the regular parade of planes overhead that we usually have being under the Heathrow western approach.

I do feel for all the people stranded away from home, or who have had to miss important family events due to the disruption.  Some of Steve’s co-workers were stranded in Germany and made it home by combination of train, rental car and ferry – with two overnights en-route.

But – it is not all bad.  Some friends of mine (actually one of my former managers from Microsoft and her family) are ‘stranded’ here in London as they were making their way from Istanbul to Seattle on Thursday.  They couldn’t think of a better place to be ‘stranded.’  They got a hotel in London and are enjoying a ‘bonus’ holiday. 

Simon and I took the train into London on Friday to see them.  It was Simon’s first train ride.

We marked his first trip through Paddington with buying a little Paddington Bear.

And Simon had his first Taxi ride.
London cabs have a fabulous design – you can roll the buggy right in.  You don’t have to buckle the baby down.

We went to the Science Museum, but mostly hung out chatting and letting the kids play with their Legos and Polly Pockets.  The museum was neat, but it was super crowded and loud.  Poor Simon was way overstimulated and he had the biggest meltdown he’s ever had on the train home.  (thankfully it started after Maidenhead)  It took til Sunday for him to wind down and be back to his mellow self.

I’m glad we had been into London on Wednesday – as I had the confidence to go in on our own. I also squeezed in some shopping at Harrods as I was in search of some new sunglasses.   We’ll surely be going into London again to explore more of the city.

I hope that our friends get home soon, and that things return to ‘normal’ (current status).


One response to “Under quiet skies – another trip into London.

  1. Simon doesn’t seem to be very excited about his trip to London or his new Paddington bear. Just wait until this time next year–a visit to London should be quite different! Thanks for the pictures and the post.
    Grandma Beckie

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