Martha madness…

Two Martha points of interest.

1.  Local Martha

Look what I found hiding at my local newsagents!  They carry MSL.  Mysteriously they stock it right between Majesty (a ‘quality’ tabloid about the royal family) and the Weight Watchers magazine.  Wonder why I hadn’t see it before!


Now if I could only find a local source for Real Simple.

2.  Creepy Martha

Um yeah, that is a real dead (taxidermied, but still dead) rabbit in that Easter basket.  Apparently Martha was thrilled to find this ‘gift’ from the easter bunny.  Bizarre.  (My friend Emily tipped me off to this.)

5 responses to “Martha madness…

  1. Now that is just scary weird. I’m glad you stuck with a fake Hop-Hop for Simon’s easter basket.

  2. If a kid got that he or she would be scarred for life. It’s the equivalent of watching the movie Donnie Darko before the age of 12.

  3. It MIGHT be fairly inexpensive to have someone subscribe to Real Simple and then mail you the copy when it comes. I think Lisa got her subscription for something really cheap. (less than a dollar an issue) I would imagine a simple media mail to the UK wouldn’t push the cost of the mag plus subscription over what you’d pay at a newsstand.

    (My other suggestion was going to be the uk amazon, but I checked them out and Real Simple isn’t available anymore to UK shoppers. Sooo, never mind.)

  4. I could have one of my Microsoftie friends I/O it to me (or Steve while I’m on mat leave) and that would cut out the postage cost entirely …but that would require me to be a bit more clever than I am…

  5. Ooh I miss Real Simple. I’ve replaced it with ‘The Lady’ magazine while we’re here. Wish there was a better substitute for Target.

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