Simon’s nursery.

This is Simon’s nursery.  The room was pretty much perfect for a nursery as it was when we moved in.  The only ‘decorating’ I’ve done is the poster, mobile, calendar and curtains. 



My mom made the curtains while she was here after Simon was born and they are wonderful.


Those of you who knew me in Seattle know how I loved to decorate – always hitting up the antique shops and taking 5 years to find the perfect paint colors for every wall in the house.  Well, now that we’re in England I’m loving the other side of the coin.  Almost zero decorating.  Living in a rented house is great – no DIY – weekends free to do fun stuff.  Bizarre green bathroom?  Great cocktail party conversation!  Baseboards need touching up.  Doesn’t bother me!

*Bonus feature.  Click on photos to go to Flickr to see notes on the differnt items in the nursery.


3 responses to “Simon’s nursery.

  1. Did you buy the poster or the curtain fabric first? They go great together. My decorating has come to a screeching halt since John’s arrival, unless you count the fisher-price objects that grace almost every room!

  2. It is beautiful! I love the curtains!

  3. That is truly lovely. :)

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