Excitement on our daily walk.

I try to get out for a walk with Simon at least once a day.  One of my routes takes us in a big loop starting out downriver and coming back through the village.  We pass under the railway twice on this route.  Today after coming under the tracks I saw this…


All the cows were bunched up in the corner of the field right where we needed to pass over the stile and across the paddock.  I stood here for a bit contemplating my options. 

The cows were all staring at us – no hope of going by unnoticed.  The only official path back was doubling back on ourselves, and I didn’t fancy re-walking the half hour we had just covered.  I wasn’t too keen on the idea of them checking Simon out, not to mention chasing me out of the field.  I’m a rubbish runner even without the baby payload.  Probably not a good idea to push into a crowd of excited cows.

Then we were saved!  As I tried to figure out what to do I heard the train approaching, the cattle heard it too. They turned tail and literally ran away – scattering across the field.


Unfortunately the train also woke the sleeping baby…

To read about our previous run-ins with herds of cows see this previous post.

3 responses to “Excitement on our daily walk.

  1. How could you post this without adding a link to the previous post about the cows rushing you?? Now I have to go find it myself.

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