Packing superstars.

My sister and her husband like to travel too.  They got engaged on their first trip to Europe and then returned a few years later for a three-week whirlwind tour of Europe.

Steve and I do a pretty decent job of packing light and have done several multi-week trips in Europe with only carry-on bags.  For literally months before their trip Margie was asking for packing advice and a correspondence developed debating the merit of various items.

Well – it is clear that her ‘packing light’ skills have now well eclipsed mine.  She is literally the poster-woman for how to pack light.

When they were in Italy they ran into Rick Steves on a train platform. 


He asked to take their picture saying that he needed pictures for his catalog.  But nothing seemed to come of it.  Well, almost two years later I was surfing the web (I know, so web 1.0 of me) and saw this.  Margie and Robbie on the Rick Steves homepage.  Bona-fide celebrities they are.


Then, a couple of weeks ago I was looking up some packing tips for someone else and lo and behold, Margie and Robbie are officially the poster-children for how to pack.

How to pack

And, those photos don’t really show Margie’s packing prowess.  Here she is returning to Houston after visiting us.  Yes, that is one carry-on plus one diaper bag after a one week trip to England travelling with a 7-month-old baby. 


In other travel related news…

 Heathrow is back up and running post-ash-disruption.  We enjoyed the peace and quiet that 6 jet-free days afforded.  The hum of jet engines has receeded back into the background after seeming particularly loud the first few days.

Here is a great blog post about the merits of carry-on only travel when travel is significantly disrupted.  I can attest that travelling light is key to being able to respond when travel snags arise (see our previous adventure with the Eurostar snow disruption) so that you can be light on your feet, find alternate arrangements and enjoy your newly modified holiday.


One response to “Packing superstars.

  1. She now packs this light for every trip we take. Her theory being that if we can get around Europe for three weeks in two backpacks, we can surely get to Illinois for a weekend with less. However, sometimes we need more shoes for weddings, etc. than we needed for Europe, and it gets tough. We always make due, though.

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