Attacked or Saved?

One night this week I was sleeping well, minding my own business.  I needed to turn over, as one does during the night, and started to roll over.  All of a sudden Steve lunged at me and grabbed my head, nearly poking me in the eye.  “What are you doing?!” I said.  “Oh sorry” he replied, then went back to sleep.  “I’m going to roll over the rest of the way now” I said, just to make sure he didn’t attack me again.

That evening I asked him what he was dreaming about to attack me.  “That really happened!?!” he laughed.

Best we can figure out is that when I started rolling over Steve, in his sleep, thought it was Simon and lunged to save him from falling off the bed.  Every morning, after I feed Simon his morning bottle I put Simon on my side of the bed and he and Steve play together until Simon drifts off for his morning nap and Steve usually snoozes too.  So, Steve is used to Simon sleeping there.  I feel I have been replaced…

2 responses to “Attacked or Saved?

  1. I used to be terrified that I would lay Simon down in the bed and we’d smush him after I nursed. So in my groggy state, I’d wake Robbie up to make sure he was back in the pack’n’play. No matter how Robbie would insist he had put him safely back, I’d make him go check. Not that the queen size bed is really big enough to lose a baby in…

  2. I’m sitting up Dad’s laptop and enjoying catching up on the blogs and pictures. Hopefull to go home later this afternoon.
    Mom/Grandma Beckie

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