Switzerland X – The Glacier Express

Next in a long delayed tale of our travel in Switzerland, September 2009.

The Glacier Express is the most famous of the several named train journeys that criss-cross Switzerland.  We boarded at Samedan and would take it all the way to Zermatt.  An 8 hour journey.  It is extremely scenic and we took tons of photos – only to discover that taking photos thorugh windows, no matter how clean, is always sub standard, so apologies for the glare – although the glare did make for a few intersting shots.

Waiting for the train to arrive at Samedan.


Love the clouds hanging in the valley.

An engineering geek’s dream.

Everyone getting ready to take pictures of the Landwasser Viaduct.

Going over the Landwasser Viaduct. Definitely an anti-climax as you can’t really see much of the bridge because you’re ON it. (it was also swathed in scaffolding as it was being repaired)

The train steward who was selling souviners helpfully told me to just take a picture of his booklet. He said all the Japanese riders did it.

Great castle peeking out of the mountains. Reminds me of the castles along the Rhine in Germany. This one probably served a similar function, controlling a major trade route.

This shot shows the train – it was so long! The blue car was an extra-special ‘vintage’ car.

The Vorderrhein Gorge along the Rhine River. These cliffs are like nothing I imagined to be in Switzerland. Sort of a cross between the white cliffs of Dover and the canyons in the American west. (also a good shot of the panoramic viewing windows, not as good as the ones on the Bernina Express)



Oberalp Lake at Oberalp pass.  See the tunnel we’ll go through that protects the tracks from avalanches.

Lots of people took photos of the passing train. This group totally could have been the Steffen siblings.

Nice place to be a cow.

A glacier. We were pretty OD’d on scenery by this point – so not quite as exciting. If you want to be excited about the glaciers I reccomend starting in Zermatt and doing the trip in the opposite direction.

Beautiful shot with the sun on the mountain.

The train after we had disembarked in Zermatt.

Steve outside the train in Zermatt.


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