Switzerland XI – Zermatt

The Glacier Express deposited us in Zermatt, which is all about the Matterhorn.  A truly beautiful mountain.  We were lucky to have clear weather and it made for some spectacular views.

in the morning

at dusk

from our hotel room window

We stayed at Le Petit Hotel with a beautiful view of the Matterhorn.  The rooms were tiny (hence ‘le petit’) and the decor very 70s, but it hit our requirements, clean, central, good breakfast and had a very friendly host.  I definitely recommend it as reasonably priced rooms are very hard to find in Zermatt.

We went out in search of dinner, and found Zermatt to be a touristy ski-resort (duh) and didn’t feel much different from Whistler.  Lots of overpriced restaurants, fancy schmancy boutiques and kitchy souvenir shops selling mostly the same stuff.  We found a restaurant,  that did not have a 2-person minimum on the cheese fondue!  This was very good, as since Steve is allergic to dairy 2-person cheese fondue was a non-starter for us.  I was glad I got to try it, but wasn’t a big fan and won’t need to repeat it.  I am just not into strong cheese.


I’ll cover our trip up to the Kline Matterhorn peak in the next blog post.

So, in short, if (on a summer Swiss holiday) you want to see the Matterhorn do go, pray for good weather, and make a surgical strike to Zermatt for one night only, but don’t linger – there are much more enjoyable places to spend your time in Switzerland than in Zermatt village.  (For a report on Zermatt in winter our friends Alan and Megan went to ski and loved it.)


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