Simon at three months.

Sorry.  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted about Simon.

He is doing really well.  He is growing by the day and just under 50th percentile on weight and just over 93rd on length.  Tall like his dad.

In the tricks department he loves to grab toys and put them in his mouth.  Paddington is his favourite and a ‘kiss’ from Paddington sends him into a tizzy of delight.  It is almost like he is squealing ‘give him to me!’


Nothing makes him smile more than seeing the baby in the mirror.

He has had me up only one night in the last two months.  I am SO thankful for a good sleeper and know I am SO lucky.  Daytime sleep is still rubbish.  I can’t get him to sleep without his binky…which means he screams when it falls out.  (parenting fail)  Will have to break him of this for sure when we get back from America.

Now for some photo clearup from last month.





4 responses to “Simon at three months.

  1. Grandma Beckie

    Love the Paddington Bear story and picture. Such a little charmer.

  2. Sarah, he is adorable! Loved the pics! That is so cute how he loves his little bear. Great to see that he is growing and is healthy!

  3. He is adorable!!! Are you visiting family?? When is your trip? The binky will come in VERY handy for travel-sucking for ears on the airplane and for the sake of all other travelers ;) It’s so nice to have that “plug” when you are out places, but the sleep-issue with needing it to fall back asleep is annoying for sure!

  4. Cutie!

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