More new conveyances.

Simon and I went into London today to see our friends Megan and Jackson.

We took the train to Paddington…Simon was wishing he had a mobile so he could text to kill time on the train.


Then from Paddington we went on Simon’s first ride on the Tube!

Over the Hammersmith Bridge.  Today was Simon’s first day out in the new buggy. He LOVED it – he can watch the world go by.

After we picked up Megan and Jackson at their house we took Simon’s first bus ride. (forgot to take a picture) Now Simon just needs a boat  and a plane ride and he’ll have all the major conveyances covered.

As for our play date with Jackson and Megan we headed up to Barnes High Street to hit up my favourite second-hand shop. This one is devoted to children’s clothes, and since it is in a very nice neighbourhood the things they have are wonderful. I got a couple really great shirts for Simon, one special to wear to cousin Caleb’s high school graduation next month.

Then we stopped at a local pub where we found a great side room to spread out with the boys and we had a really nice shepard’s pie.

Thanks to Megan and Jackson for having us into town. We’ll have to do it again soon.

5 responses to “More new conveyances.

  1. Does Simon’s shirt for the graduation say – Home Schoolers Have Class? ;D

    Mmmm – shephard’s pie!

  2. Grandma Beckie

    Looks like a great outing. The new buggy looks like it would be much more convenient for getting around sharp corners and small spaces–also a good view for Simon

  3. “buggy”? “conveyance”? “mobile”? you’ve gone native!

  4. Simon and Jackson or Jackson and Simon, sounds like a law firm or a singing duo.

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an empty tube. Did Simon have a dirty diaper?

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