This is how we roll…

Simon hated tummy time.  He would just howl.  When I went in to have him weighed last Tuesday the health visitor said I really need to start doing it – even if he doesn’t like it.  So last weekend I started trying to put him on his tummy on his change mat for a few minutes each day and he loved looking at the baby in the mirror.


This morning I saw him lift up on one arm, so for fun I took him downstairs and laid him down on his tummy on a blanket since there wasn’t room on his change mat.  It took about 30 seconds for him to roll over.

So, after worrying that a few minutes of tummy time every other day wasn’t going to cut it he rolled over after maybe a total of one hour of tummy time in his life.  Hmmm mama, maybe you should’t worry so much…

(I’ll post a video when we catch him doing it again.)


5 responses to “This is how we roll…

  1. Yeah Simon! I love this photo. Maybe Simon can lend some of his super advancing skills to John this weekend as we work on eating people food at the house. Round one on Saturday morning? Epic failure. Screaming baby, parents wearing many cheerios. He’s released from the high chair and we’ll try again at ten am with lunch.

  2. Oh Simon what a big wonderful world there is to see.

  3. what’s the significance, value of ‘tummy time’ is it a step towards crawling and standing up? Lovelly picture – looks like to sees the photographer

    • You’re supposed to put them on their tummy so they can work the uscles they use to hold their heads up. When babies were put on their tummies to sleep this happened as a matter of course, now that you put them on their backs to sleep (as front sleeping is a major contributor to cot death) parents have to remember to make a point to put them on their tummy.

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