Sprechen Sie Deutsch along the Thames path?


On Saturday afternoon we took a walk along the river and up to a local pub.  On the way home, as we entered a field where a small herd of cows were grazing we saw a dog running around a couple of the cows.  The cows were not very happy about this and a couple were running around chasing the dog (or was it the other way around).

This was surprising, as in the country people take their dog behaviour very seriously and it is widely known that they should be on a leash when around livestock.  (and there is a sign before you enter this field to leash your dog)  Even the best behaved dogs will often revert to their inbred herding or hunting behaviour.   This dog was chasing after the cows and the agitated cows were quite dangerous along the path.  It looked like a boy with the dog, and given that we had a little baby I wasn’t too excited about walking into a herd of agitated cows.  I told Steve to stay behind and I’d tell the boy to put his dog on leash.  Some cyclists coming our way (who had dodged the agitated cows) told me the boy didn’t seem to speak English.

I went over to the boy and said ‘excuse me, but your dog needs to be on a leash.’  He gave me a confused ‘huh’?  Um, not English.  He started talking and I recognized it as German.  ‘Deutsch?’  He nodded.

I yelled back to Steve.  ‘How do you say ‘Dog’ in German?’  The boy said ‘hund.’  OK – he had that one.  I sort of went through the motions of putting the dog on the leash.  ‘An leine?’  ‘ya’ replied Steve.  The boy then called his dog and put him on the leash.  We gave the boy a hearty Danke and went on our way.

Simon on the lookout for cows, rowdy puppies or little German boys.

(hmmm, isn’t it sad that so much of our excitement these days come from herds of cows?)


3 responses to “Sprechen Sie Deutsch along the Thames path?

  1. Who said only Americans are disruptive tourists?

  2. I miss being able to pack John up in the BB. I wanted to do something the other day that proved pretty much impossible with John underfoot and was like, man, I could have done this in the BB.

    Glad Simon is enjoying it though!

  3. did you say, SPRECHEN? :-)

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