World cup fever…

…is gripping England.


Shirt on left – wow, just wow.
(Steve reminds me to explain for our American readers. A WAG is a ‘wife and (or) girlfriend’ of a celebrity football (soccer) player). Like Victoria Beckham)

Shirt on right:  Declaring loyalty to England.  OK.  Reminding everyone that the last time England won the World Cup was 44 years ago.  Not really something to be proud of.  ‘Out of your league.’  I think that last line is supposed to be some flirty way of implying that you are as good as the England football team.  But comparing yourself to a Football squad that hasn’t won a the cup in almost 50 years is not exactly casting a real positive image…well maybe more positive than the shirt on the left.

2 responses to “World cup fever…

  1. That is probably why they are only five pounds…

  2. LOL
    last in the Eurovision song contest, flooding the gulf with petroleum, poor National finances, an archaic confrontational implemenatation of democracy (that isnt democratic) and the Brits still haven’t noticed that we’re not actually ‘great’…. propose renaming great britain to ‘the country formerly know as great britain’

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