Simon’s first visit to Mo-town

Our first week on our tour of the USA was spent in Morton.  Both Steve and I grew up in this small town – and it was great to introduce Simon to all the special people who live there.

Grandpa Don and Grandma Lorna picked us up at O’Hare and drove us back to Morton.  Grandma Lorna stared attentively at Simon the whole way home. 

Simon got to meet his cousin Lana.  Such a sweetie.

We got to congratulate our nephew Caleb on graduating High School.  Simon wore a gnome shirt in Caleb’s honor.

Simon also got to enjoy his first swim with Daddy and some of his cousins.  He was happy in the water – but when a breeze came up he’d do a cute ‘oooh’ like it was a bit too cool.  Just like his mummy – not a fan of being cold and wet!



Next up: cousin John’s visit


One response to “Simon’s first visit to Mo-town

  1. Simon never lacks for attention.

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