While the cat is away…

…the mice will play.

With Steve off in France on a business trip Simon and I went into London to see my friend Megan and Simon’s friend Jackson.

We intended to go to a museum – but between eating, feeding the boys, and chatting we didn’t make it.  Instead we took a walk through Hyde Park.  It was a wild weather day, it was mostly gray and drizzly in the morning, but on our walk through the park it alternated between ‘sun peeking out and just warm enough to be muggy’ and ‘sun behind the clouds and insane gusty wind.’  It blew a bag out of Jackson’s buggy and as I ran off after it the wind tipped Simon’s buggy over.  (Megan caught it and Simon is just fine:-)

Playing with Megan after lunch at Whole Foods. 


At the Diana, Princess of Wales memorial fountain in Hyde park.


I’m not much for ‘Diana stalking’ but this was a really cool fountain – it had lively water running around it – just begging to have boats released at the top and followed down.  I remembered hearing about how they had to shut it down for a while because people were playing  in it and slipping – and now I understand why.  It would be SO FUN  to run around in it!

A shot of Simon with his ‘trick of the day.’   This morning Simon woke up and must have thought that it would be cool to hang his tongue out all day.


Thanks Megan and Jackson.  We’ll have to come back soon and try harder to make it to the museum.

5 responses to “While the cat is away…

  1. It is so warm here that the hoodie just looks insane. Hope Dad is having some fun too.

  2. I dream I move.
    I dream I groove.
    Like Mike
    I want to be like Mike.

  3. Grandma Beckie

    I see you used the plastic cover over the stroller. It must have been much cooler there. Looks like a lot of fun. Simon, you’re cute enough to get away with sticking out your tongue!

  4. Yes, very cool. We will need it again today.

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