Meeting Cousin John – Grand Tour part II

Simon got to meet most of his relatives for the first time while we were in the States, including his ‘closest’ cousin John.  John is my sister’s little boy and he is just 11 months older than Simon.  They all live in Texas, so we were very thankful that they made the trip up to Morton to meet Simon.

John isn’t actually that tan – Simon is just that fair.

The boys with grandma and grandpa.

Before the England/US World Cup match. John is ready to rumble and Simon is looking for girls to whistle at.

Doing e-mail with Aunt Margie.

Grandma and Grandpa with their littles.

Margie, Robbie and John

Video of the boys together. They were quite smitten with each other…

2 responses to “Meeting Cousin John – Grand Tour part II

  1. These pix are too adorable!

  2. Grandma Beckie

    Having fun just enjoying the memories–what a great time it was.

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