6 months

Our sweet Simon is 6 months old today.  I can’t believe how our time with him is flying by.  Before we know it he’ll be leaving the nest!


He is starting to be able to sit for a few minutes at a time – so long as nothing too interesting at the side distracts him and entices him to topple over.


He also rolled over back to front for the first time (that we saw) today.  I think he has done it before when he ended up falling off the bed last week – but his method of getting from the middle of the bed to the floor in under 3 minutes is just speculation.  Now I know to be more careful and he is having more naps in his cot.



5 responses to “6 months

  1. Love the second page. Are those John Lewis striped jammies? Or the ones you had sent to my house?

  2. Man, the little guy gets cuter every day!

  3. Grandma Beckie

    Did Mom and Dad let you have a cupcake for you 1/2 year birthday?

  4. Cute! Glad he’s doing so well!

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