Fun Bath Time

Fun Bath Time

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Simon has always loved baths. For the first few months we would just take him in the tub with one of us and hold him. After seeing Grandma Beckie’s awesome tub we bought one when we got home. Simon LOVES it! When he lays back he just kicks his feet, and now that he can sit up he gets to splash with his hands.

He has a couple patches of eczema – so the nurses have said to give fewer baths to help his skin. Sad:-(


6 responses to “Fun Bath Time

  1. He’s having so much fun!

  2. I could look at that smile all day! What a joy!

  3. Soooo incredibly adorable!

  4. my parents would take the baby bath in the garden in the summer – sunshine and splash! Sometimes we took it to the seaside and it would become a boat! I love baths too!

  5. That face is hilarious!

  6. so cute, I love it when they can sit up in the bath! I was going to tell you that Myles has always suffered from patches of eczema since babyhood. He has had prescription creams and all sorts of remedies. A few years ago we started switching out all the petroleum based care products in our house (lotion, soap) and incidentally Myles’s eczema cleared right up. It turns out he is allergic to some of the petroleum byproducts that are used in most lotions and soaps, and even in the prescription creams given to him by Drs. Anyway I just wanted throw that out there that the eczema can possibly be an allergy to something external or even something he eats. We only used vegan vegetable based care products now and Myles has much better skin.

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