Round two.

If you’re not a Facebook friend, or haven’t seen either of our mothers at church, you may have not heard the news that we’re expecting another baby.  Yes, already.  Schrocklet #2 is due to arrive in March.

I’ve been exhausted, but am just now starting to get some of my energy back.  I am thankful to have had NO morning sickness.  Simon was very cooperative – we had lots of afternoons where we would just take a snooze together.  It is also really handy that he isn’t crawling yet – so I haven’t been having to chase him around the house.

This week we’ve had my sister and her family here.  My nephew John is just 11 months older than Simon, our two will be 13 months apart, so the boys right now are a good approximation of what we’ll have this time next year and YIKES!  We’ll be busy!


4 responses to “Round two.

  1. congratulations! that’s fabulous. I love having a brother that is only 18 mos older than me

  2. Sarah, we are so happy for you, Steve, and Simon on the news of another baby. Our son Everton thanks you for visiting the town in his name (and for sending pictures), and wants to express his hopefelt desire that you will move back to Seattle so he can build a fort with Simon and baby #2.
    Keep posting more pictures and stories! Our love in Jesus, Kyle, Erica, & Everton

  3. That is so fun that you get to see the two boys at about the same stage as you will have next year! There’s no going back now, so hopefully it didn’t scare you too much :) They will have so much fun together!!! And I’m sure they will keep you and Steve on your toes!

  4. It’s been ages since I visited Schrockthehouse and, wow that’s fabulous news – Many congratulations!

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