Cousins dinner time.

Saturday night Robbie and Margie headed up to Henley for dinner and a night at a B&B, leaving us with both boys.  Steve was feeding Simon his solid food while I was washing up bottles, so we pulled up a chair for John to watch.  Oh the excitement.

John was pretty interested, and kept saying ‘yum!’ when Simon would take a bite.  Steve did a good job playing up how yummy the carrots were.


After a few minutes Steve sneakily asked John if he wanted a bite.  He sure did – and the bite got an enthusiastic ‘yum!’ 


From here on out Steve had to carefully give a bite to one boy, and then the other, if he skipped John he heard about it! And when it was John’s turn Simon was anxious for when it would be his turn again and would grab for John’s spoon.  I had to make up another batch – so each boy would get enough.

Now, the worst part of the story is that Robbie offered John some of the same mushy carrots the evening before, which were refused several times, and when John finally did try a tiny bite he practically spit it out.  Moral of the story must be that eating with Uncle Steve and Cousin Simon  is just way more cool.


One response to “Cousins dinner time.

  1. I must admit, I ate a lot more carrots in England than I do in the States. They were tasty!

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