No, that’s OK, just the nappies thank you.

This is the first post in a probable series on cynical observations about pregnancy.

The second time around I am even more cynical about all the ridiculous advertising for new mums.  New mums spend boatloads of money on boatloads of stuff – and marketers must think we’re all a bunch of bumbling idiots who will believe and swoon over everything we read.  Today I got a set of coupons for nappies and while I was punching the coupon out of the sheet I happened to read some of the drivel printed above…

You’ve probably still got hundreds of questions going through your head:  What can my baby hear from inside my womb?  Did he like the dinner I had last night?   Could he taste it?  Can he hear the music I listen to?  These are the kinds of questions we also ask ourselves at Pampers®. 

Um, no, really.  I’ve not been asking myself that.  And, actually, I don’t need you at Pampers to be thinking about that either.  I just need you to think about how to keep the poo in the nappy.  Thanks.


5 responses to “No, that’s OK, just the nappies thank you.

  1. Simon, when Mom starts getting cynical you need to tell her to snap out of it. She made it through you and she will make it this time too. Mom said you were going to get weighed this week. What was your report?

  2. Yes! Marketing gets ridiculous and I agree, nappy manufacturers should have a very narrow focus

  3. Pampers needs to stop ordering lunch in and get out more. My recent frustration with advertising is the umbrella leasing agencies that own large apartment buildings. The names they come up with for their floor plans are hilarious- Aruba, Belize. Give me a break. It’s a 1 bed/1 bath unit. The other bad thing is their confusing pricing schemes that are meant to confuse you and hide the true cost. Also, the bad ones have all of these processing and deposit fees. The place I went with had a set cost that included water, valet trash, and covered parking and the rent didn’t change based on how long my lease was for.

  4. Lowell, did you forward your rant to Loressa?

    Sarah, totally agree. I spent more contemplating my back pain and lack of advil availability and less time contemplating whether my growing son could gain an appreciation for Skyline in utero.

  5. Haha!! Sarah-your pregnancy posts are too funny!! I’m going to enjoy these months of your experiences :) I hope you are feeling like you have some energy again and enjoying Simon, along with the little one growing in you! So excited for you guys!!

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