Symptoms of living in Seattle

Simon now well and truly lives in the Pacific Northwest and is starting to exhibit several symptoms.

1.  Shopping at REI


2.  Having an urban assault stroller.  (Although to be fair this is more a symptom of being a big brother at 13 months.)


3.  Wearing copious amounts of fleece.  Simon wears his yellow fleece that our friends Alan and Megan bought for him almost every day.  The shop assistants at REI even complemented him on it.  It is from an awesome Swedish shop in London.  They have one in NYC – but mercifully for the bank account not in Seattle.  I got Simon an amazing coat for next winter before we left London and I can’t wait for him to get to wear it!


3 responses to “Symptoms of living in Seattle

  1. Wearing fleece AT REI…Even betters. Is that Starbucks in his bottle?

    • No, not in his bottle. But that is a 4th sign we’re in Seattle. There is a Starbucks inside the grocery store and a Starbucks (eat in or drive thru) in the parking lot not 25 meters from the door of the store.

  2. “urban assault stroller” priceless!

    He’s so big! What a little man.

    Jealous of REI store.

    Glad he’s settling in!

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