Welcome Lillian Beatrice

Lillian Beatrice was born Saturday morning, 12-March at 1:11 am.

We were blessed with an amazing birth.  I had been having contractions every evening for a week, and Friday night was starting out as usual.  But then my water broke at 11:20 and my contractions went from every 10 minutes to every 3 mintues almost immedietely.  We called the midwife and our friends who were arranged to watch Simon and we went straight to the midwife center.  We arrived around midnight and one very intense hour later Lily was born.  She was born in the tub, not something I had really ‘planned’ but the warm water did help me cope with the very fast labor.

My friend, the extremely talented Emily Weaver Brown, was there during the birth.  These were taken by her and there are a few more here.  (nothing too graphic of course, all safe for work and family and such:-)

We went home about 5:30am and were in bed for a nap by 6.  Scott and Yvonne brought Simon home after lunch and he got to meet his new sister. 


He loves children and Lily is no exception.   


Here is a little video of the first time Simon really checked Lily out.

The first night was rough, she was very hungry and isn’t attaching very well, so it looks like we’ll have to work hard at nursing, but hopefully we can find a way to make it work this time.  Sunday has been a very good day, Simon has been his usual happy self, playing and happy to have Daddy home and Lily has been eating well and taking some naps – although we’ll have to work hard to keep her up so she’s tired tonight:-)

We are overwhelmed with thankfulness for our two healthy children and a safe and amazing birth.  The Lord is so good to us.


7 responses to “Welcome Lillian Beatrice

  1. Oh Sarah, congratulations. She is so beautiful and adorable! I will be praying as I know that the beginning days hold many challenges (and thankfully many blessings)!

  2. She is BEAUTIFUL! the video was ADORABLE and SO SWEET!!!
    Sounds like you were still in England with going home so quick! :) Glad all went well!!! xx

  3. We are thankful, too. I told several people at church yesterday about Lilly Bee’s name & I wish you could have seen the reactions! An immediate chorus of ooohs & ahhhhs & so cutes! The video is hilarious. And Simon continues to smile even through Lilly’s crying :) What a sweetie! I’m sure he thinks he’s the luckiest little boy to have parents who bring such an amazing toy :)

  4. What an incredible birth!! Way to go! I’m glad you are back home and settling in with the four of you:)

  5. what great photos, and she is beautiful! I love the name you chose, and its so fun to see your whole family…love to you all! Praise Him for such an easy birth..!!!

  6. Congratulations! I’m really pleased for all of you. Hope you are settling in both with the new arrival and the move back to Seattle.
    Lilly is beautiful! Hopefully I’ll get to meet her when I am next in Seattle!

  7. Are we waiting for Simon and Lily to be guest correspondents for the next blog?

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