East Coast Day 1

My brother is getting married on Long Island, New York.  We decided to make the long trip worth it and extend our stay into a vacation on the east coast.  We flew into Boston on Saturday 24-Sep and will return home on Monday 3-Oct, the day after the wedding.  We plan to spend three days in Boston, then a couple of days making our way along the Mass/RI/Conn coasts into NY and to Long Island on Thursday for some time with my family before the wedding on Sunday.

We left Seattle at 1:30 on Saturday afternoon, a great time to fly as it gave us the morning to finish up packing and let the boy run off some energy.  He was great on the plane but, as usual, refused to sleep despite even trying some Benadryl this time.  It is a 5 1/2 hour flight so that is hard work for Steve.  Lily hardly made a peep hanging out on my lap and nursing more often than not.  All-in-all, a good flight with our two babies.

We got into BOS at 10pm and it was MUGGY!  Got a cart for our mountain of luggage and took a cab into our hotel (Lily’s first taxi).  Got checked in and plopped Simon straight into the tub to cool down and get the airplane grime off, plus some splashing time while I got us unpacked into our home for the next three nights.  We’re staying at the Fairmont, a beautiful old hotel.  I think they took pity on us traveling with the babies and upgraded us to a large room with a nook perfect for the crib.

Steve, Lily and I hung out in the bathroom so Simon he could just cry it out and fall asleep.  Ah the glamour of family travel:-)


One response to “East Coast Day 1

  1. Those trips are events you will remember all your life.

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