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Side by side comparison

The Daily Mail is my guilty pleasure.  Well, the Daily Mail and a Dr Pepper for breakfast.

Today I saw this article comparing photos of Anna Wintour and Posh Spice.  The snarky comments below each pair of pictures are brilliant!

Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Anna Wintour Victoria Beckham

“GREEN FROCKS Due to the dark glasses both insist on wearing at night, it can be  hard for the friends to spot each other at events. So they wear fluorescent  clothes, such as Posh’s Oscar de la Renta dress.”

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An overflow of random thoughts.

I’m finding myself with more and more random thoughts these days.  I think it is a combination of two toddlers who are constantly doing funny random things and the small snippets of time my day is fractured into.  I wish I had more time to concentrate and work on things of more substance, but I just don’t right now.  Well, I do after the kids go to bed but by that time of day I’m shattered and usually fall into a coma about 10 minutes after they are down.

So, what to do with these random thoughts?  I think I am probably annoying my Facebook friends with them, and Twitter just isn’t my thing (plus my thoughts are somewhat longer-winded than the character limit).  So, we’ll try a little return to blogging.  No promises for consistency, and certainly no promises for making sense.

Everton – Please drive carefully

Second in an occasional series of landmarks that share names with our friends’ children.


Last month our friends the Sprecher’s had a bouncing baby boy they named Everton.  Later in the month we were driving in Bedfordshire and saw the village of Everton on the map.  We drove a couple miles out of our way to visit this special little place and get a photo.

This Everton is one of several in the UK, and as Wikipedia points out boasts a pub, two football pitches, a basketball hoop and a fenced play area.

World cup fever…

…is gripping England.


Shirt on left – wow, just wow.
(Steve reminds me to explain for our American readers. A WAG is a ‘wife and (or) girlfriend’ of a celebrity football (soccer) player). Like Victoria Beckham)

Shirt on right:  Declaring loyalty to England.  OK.  Reminding everyone that the last time England won the World Cup was 44 years ago.  Not really something to be proud of.  ‘Out of your league.’  I think that last line is supposed to be some flirty way of implying that you are as good as the England football team.  But comparing yourself to a Football squad that hasn’t won a the cup in almost 50 years is not exactly casting a real positive image…well maybe more positive than the shirt on the left.

Martha madness…

Two Martha points of interest.

1.  Local Martha

Look what I found hiding at my local newsagents!  They carry MSL.  Mysteriously they stock it right between Majesty (a ‘quality’ tabloid about the royal family) and the Weight Watchers magazine.  Wonder why I hadn’t see it before!


Now if I could only find a local source for Real Simple.

2.  Creepy Martha

Um yeah, that is a real dead (taxidermied, but still dead) rabbit in that Easter basket.  Apparently Martha was thrilled to find this ‘gift’ from the easter bunny.  Bizarre.  (My friend Emily tipped me off to this.)

The Jonah window and Simon’s friends

In honor of our friends’ new little baby, Jonah, here is a shot of the Jonah window at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford (where we visited the week after Jonah’s birth).

(apologies for the mediocre photo – didn’t have my DSLR on me)

The window shows Jonah on the left, gazing at the city of Ninevah. The window dates from the 1630s. Interestingly, only the figure of Jonah is stained glass, the rest is painted glass.

Simon has been lucky to be getting a lot of new little friends.  Over the course of 8 days a couple of weeks ago he had a friend born to our good friends in London, in Chicago and in Florida.  The same month Simon was born he gained at least 2 in Illinois, at least two in Seattle and on the very same day as Simon Steve’s neighbour at work had a new boy.  Steve’s team at work is having quite the baby boom – 8 men have wives expecting (or babies already born) this year.  8/31 for a cool 26% is pretty amazing – considering of that 31 some are single and some have completed their families.

The Sad State of Mexican Food

One of the things we miss most about the states is good Mexican food. It makes sense… the best Mexican restaurants in the States are typically run by Mexicans, and there are not many Mexicans in the UK. Unfortunately the lack of Mexicans in England doesn’t stop the English from trying.

Wednesday is quesadilla day in one of our cafeterias. You pick up a plate with a quesadilla and then add some guacamole and refried beans. Actually, I should say that you then add some “guacamole” and “refried beans.” The guac was very light green and had the consistency of mayonnaise. The beans were chunky and light gray. I bravely took some guac (which might have made a nice salad dressing), but decided the beans were better left to my imagination.

One of my American coworkers from Texas was more cheeky than me. Without trying to be mean, she specifically asked the chefs why the sides did not look like they ought to. The chefs explained that the guacamole was made from avocados, sour cream, and mayonnaise. I don’t think she had the heart to ask about how they made the refried beans.

On a lighter note, the chefs did say that she should come back the next week to show them how to make the food properly.

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